A Holistic Approach To Healing with Endometriosis

I got lots on the go! Over the past few years of having a crazy busy life, I started to pay attention and realized I was constantly distracted. Some days I would procrastinate, doing odd tasks, on social media, worrying about my to do list, and hours would pass with frustration growing inside (thinking I could have done a yoga class by now!!). Looking back I think what helped me most. Here is my mind and body approach:)

Be Mindful.

Clear the to do list. There are 2-3 priority items in your life (this does not include hygiene, nourishment, childcare/pets, etc). Are they purposeful or passion related? What are your distractions to doing these? Shut them off. No really, shut them off, it will be good. What I am saying here is that it’s a mindset. Clear the clutter and see these larger items visually in your mind.

Now, do I have a to do list? Yes. It is full of errands, call backs, returns, and such. I do it in batch form, once a week for a couple of hours I work my way through the top ones. Social media gets me on break time, not all day long!

Be Action Oriented

Now get up and do it. Do not waste time pondering, worrying, multi-tasking, surfing, or being fearful of it all.

What are your challenges? What is your secret to success in the busy life?

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