A Holistic Approach To Healing with Endometriosis

Social media is full of quotes to help us stay motivated, to eat right, be mindful, do yoga and so on. Yet for most of us we hit a wall or slowly get off track. What is the secret to staying motivated?

For many, its results. We have busy lives and if efforts do not show results fast, we lose interest and motivation. That’s where we got it all wrong.

Our objectives need to change and we need to set better expectations. These are life changes, not woodworking, where you can see with your eyes each progression. Do it for the right reason! Eat better because it is your fuel and your body needs the right kind everyday, not just for a ten day detox. Be active to move your body each day, not to lose the 5 pounds each week, your weight will find its way too, trust me. Start that project, make the time each day!

So lets start by teaching ourselves that this is a life change and its long term. Get to it and stick to it!

Nature does not hurry, yet everything gets accomplished. Lao Tzu

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