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The best thing about working with Khush and this program is they really care about you … My biggest win has been feeling more confident as well as having a more positive mindset about this journey…. I recommend others join because this is a great community that will offer you hope and encouragement, as well as daily tools to beat endo!

By joining, you have so much to gain.” Tenaya J.

“Being able to wake up everyday and not worry… I feel so free.  I feel so happy” Adriana

“In just 2.5 months…life changing….having a crossiant here and there and no pain…it’s crazy. 

The energy is massive….My self esteem and confidence is up here. I feel in control of my life.”

You told me exactly where to incorporate things within my lifestyle so I could make it fit. It actually fits in my lifestyle and works.

Khush is literally a life changer. I was so defeated and thought I’d never overcome everything I was dealing with and this program literally fixed it all. 

I went from feeling defeated, exhausted, sick and in pain daily to feeling energetic, having an appetite, more pain-free days per month than I can remember in years, not dreading my period, and feeling like I can live my life without having to plan around the pain or a potential flare up.

Khush and her team literally take so much time to personalize everything so you experience the best/most effective outcome.

Going from 20+ pain days/month to almost zero/month on a consistent basis.  – Marla

I cannot express my gratitude enough (From 37 Day period to 7 Days ) – Robin
From Fear to Living – “Program was a godsend” – Chelsea
I realized the power of my mind. I learned how to check in with myself. I was able to see how connected my food, mood and pain is.

” … had my first pain free period after a month. It was unbelievable. Basically my first periods and starting the program, like, oh, like, oh my gosh, like I want to see…”

“I had a long history of eating disorders and I have to say the food part of the program was super easy.”

“I have accepted, understand, and believe I deserve all of the good things. I am finally living that truth.”

“… I’m just really grateful to have found something that makes sense to me where it’s like, it’s a whole lifestyle approach. I don’t have to be on some ridiculous hormones, don’t have to grow a beard or like have my voice go down two octaves deeper, just to not have pain, you know, I am so grateful to found something that works that I can maintain…”

“… I don’t have pain. I feel great. I can do all my things in my day. And I I feel fantastic. I can’t believe it…”

“… It’s everything that you need. You know, it is an individualised programme we talk about anything and everything we focus on. Like I said, it’s not just about individuals but really about who you are person, how to take back control of your life…”

“…  this is a great programme to get yourself involved in, do it for yourself. Yeah, do it for yourself…”

Positive energy, it just feels so good – I feel alive again. I can enjoy things, I have the energy to participate in my life.
Khush saved my life Adriana C

25 mile hike ✅ No pain with sex ✅

It was a physical and mental detox.  

Went from 16 prescription meds to zero in the year and have a better quality of life.

“ I realized the power of my mind. I learned how to check in with myself. I was able to see how connected my food, mood and pain is.”

“How to take back control of your life…”

I recommend others join! You are not on you own! You are heard, you are supported and you are celebrated!
Through her programs, Khush helped me be more mindful. Not only about what I'm eating and drinking (and how often I'm snacking!) but also about what my body is telling me and giving back to me. My energy levels have skyrocketed, I'm sleeping better, I'm more productive and honestly, I'm happier. Thank you Khush!
Khush made starting off in the world of self care, growth and nutritional wellness EASY. I felt like I was late to the game starting my first detox at age 38 and thought I knew what 'clean eating' was without really understanding what I was putting into my body. Khush took the pressure off by breaking things down into simple steps, providing her easy to follow guides and recipes and being a constant source of helpful advice. Her program has become my new norm. It's never too late to start.
Last year at this time, I was recovering from excision surgery and was extremely worried and anxious that my endometriosis would return again. I worried that I would start to experience symptoms related to endo within 6 months as I had with my last excision surgery in 2015. I felt hopeless, desperate and stuck. All I wanted was to manage my symptoms and live a somewhat normal life-endo free. That is when I found the Empress Program with Khush Sra and I can honestly say I don't know where I would be without the support of this program. Over the year I have not only been able to manage all my symptoms and live a normal life, but I have also been able to free myself from the constant worry and anxiety I once experienced related to this condition. Symptoms including fatigue, brain fog, chronic pain, heavy menstrual cycles, bloating and digestive issues have tremendously improved over the year. The worry and anxiety I once experienced have subsided. This program has transitioned seamlessly into my lifestyle and will be part of my life for years to come along with the mental freedom I have gained. I cannot recommend this program enough to individuals who want to take control of their endometriosis.
25 Years - Put on pill and skipped periods - Suffered from hot flashes, pain, etc - Tried going to the gym - Bought books to learn how to live with it “I got pain relief from back pain, menstrual cramps and my sex life became better than ever! I’m still on the Anti-endo lifestyle.......... kick Endo-pain for good with no medication but with the only gift Mother Nature gave to us FOOD! I hope with my story to inspire some of you and get yourself the gift of the Anti-endo lifestyle.
Before I met Khush I always played the blame game, I was looking for an excuse or blaming other people for what I needed to change. She helped me realize only I, myself am capable of creating the life that I want. She asked me a question which put a lot into perspective, 'What would your perfect day look like?', and it was so simple. Since then I was able to have so many of my perfect days. She helped me create awareness between nutrition and mood so that I could make the right choices. I loved how flexible she is when I fell off the wagon, and the encouragement she gave to me to get back on. I now look at life in a whole new way, change what you have the capability to change, and try not to stress over what you have no control over.
Vanessa B
The best thing about working with Khush and this program is the empowerment, clarity, community, and support that comes with it. My biggest win has been hiking the 35 mile Laugavegur trail in Iceland after completing the program. I was reluctant before joining because it is an investment of time and money and always scary to start something new - even if it's good for you. I joined because I knew I deserved a more fulfilling and active life and was desperate to thrive instead of survive. I recommend others join because Khush is a master problem solver, the coaches will hold you accountable, the other members will keep you inspired, and because you are capable of healing.
Lyndsay C.

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