A Holistic Approach To Healing with Endometriosis


I’m Khush.

I Help Women with Endo Using an Integrative Approach


I’m Khush.

Nutritionist and self-care expert helping you live with energy and contentment.
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Helping Women Heal with Endo & Reconnect With Their True Self

Khush Sra is a former engineer turned Endometriosis Expert and Functional Nutritionist, who’s on a mission to help women heal from endometriosis.

Dealing with Endometriosis herself for 10 years she understands the struggle, the feeling of being stuck, and the limited options available to women suffering with the disease. 

With her program, Anti-Endo Lifestyle, she helps women heal their bodies through a five-step process she developed that involves regulating the nervous system, balancing hormones, intuitive eating, supporting a healthy lifestyle, and reconnecting with their true selves.

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My mission is to empower endo sisters to naturally beat endo, everyone needs an integrative plan and I can help you build yours. To connect with me, I invite you to join my community for Endometriosis

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Khush is literally a life changer. I was so defeated and thought I’d never overcome everything I was dealing with and this program literally fixed it all.

I went from feeling defeated, exhausted, sick and in pain daily to feeling energetic, having an appetite, more pain free days per month than I can remember in years, not dreading my period, and feeling like I can live my life without having to plan around the pain or a potential flare up.

Khush and her team literally take so much time to personalize everything so you experience the best/most effective outcome.

Going from 20+ pain days/month to almost zero/month on a consistent basis.

Marla P.

What Everyone is Saying

“When we know the immune system’s process of inflammation drives endo (from creating an endo-like cell to establishing and growing lesions), there is much we can do to curtail the disease! From the foods we eat and how we move to the products we apply and the way we think–these all play into the body’s ability to reduce inflammation…or amplify it. By nourishing the body and bringing peace to our microbiome, hormone balance, thoughts , and actions, we can really make some amazing inroads to healing.”

Katie Edmonds, Author of Heal Endo

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