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Drinking Water: It’s Not Really That Hard To Do!

Drinking Water: It's Not Really That Hard To Do!

Water. We took one of the simplest things on the planet and made it so complex with questions like what kind, how much, and when.

Let’s keep it simple. Here’s how:

What Kind? {Filtered}

  1. Solid carbon block provides clean water at a good price point (countertop and under sink options available)
  2. Counter top or fridge based filter (eg. Brita, Zero, Pur)
  3. Distilled or reverse osmosis water (Higher cost, and distilled you may want to remineralize)

How Much? {7-10 Glasses}

  1. Fresh raw food can hydrate your and processed foods can dehydrate you, adjust accordingly
  2. If you drink coffee or alcohol you will need to drink more water
  3. Intense workouts will require additional water
  4. If you are undergoing a detox, drink more
  5. If you consume a lot of fiber, drink more to avoid constipation

When? {Around Meals}

  1. Water mixed with food can make digestion harder
  2. Drink 15 minutes before a meal or 1 hour after



Your turn: How many glasses of water are you honestly drinking every day? Is it enough? Share below!

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