A Holistic Approach To Healing with Endometriosis
Is food getting in the way of your life?

Today food is everything! What do you think about when you think food?

Our relationship with food is pretty deep. It serves many needs beyond nourishment and it’s become a culture of it’s own. A culture that I too admire and participate in. But I do think sometimes… It’s gone a bit too far. It’s taken over relationships, for instance how much time we spend talking about what we will eat or if I want people over just to have people over but I have to make it a food affair first. How about next time we just pick the first thing that comes to mind and end the debate or I just say come over and just be our guest?

Eating for pure nourishment is foreign and would be hugely beneficial to all of us if we had a renewed focus in the kitchen.

Small reminders at the grocery store, when deciding what’s for dinner or when grabbing a snack….stop and think what the food is giving your body.  Step back, breathe, think and bite in.


What’s one thing you can do this week to renew your focus in the kitchen and prepare nourishing food? Share below!

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