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Mindset Motivation From A 9 Year Old

Guest Post From My Daughter

She just opened WordPress and wrote, today I found it and am proud to publish her as my first guest post:

Set your mind free from all the stress, bossy people and things you need to do.  Let go and forget about all that stuff think about all happy thoughts. Now for a second put all your bad things in a cloud in your mind and slowly poof the cloud away and forget about the bad thoughts. Now think to your self what is something I have all ways wanted to do. Now think of how to do it and when to do it and do it. Thanks for reading and opening your mind to the world around you. 


To my girl:

Thank you my love for always being an inspiration.  From your Flex business so the family stays fit and flexible (yes these are in house paid classes  – no family discount) to unlimited hugs and words like these every day to move forward and live the best life.  I am going to put some stuff in a cloud and let it go far away and poof from my life 🙂

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