I am writing this as I fly to Orlando on a family trip for some much-anticipated family time. I think it’s a perfect start to 2019 and fully aligned to my intentions.

I go into the year reflecting on 2018 with so many mixed emotions.

My heart is heavy as we lost our mom this past year.

My head is clouded with overwhelm and confusion.

My body is tired as I dismissed routine and rules.

But at the same time… it’s just where I need to be.

Life happened and this adjustment is what will get me into a new alignment.

I am so grateful to be able to have this perspective. I will continue to work with life, to move forward, to not feel setback, or get lost in negative self-talk.

How the hell do I plan on doing that? I’m not really sure but I am starting with my new year intentions.

2019 Intentions

For 2019, my intentions are all about how I want to feel. I developed a tool I call the Flower of Life that is a core part of my coaching programs.

The flower of life is an image that I use to help describe how I want to feel beginning with the center representing yourself. The idea is to nurture and care for this flower to keep all in bloom. It starts from the core and feeds outward.

The most inner circle of petals represent feelings or actions that are all about me. How do I want to feel, what are the things I am doing to feel this way, what are words I want to use to describe myself. The trick here is to avoid titles, materials, and others.

You then work your way to the next layer of petals which may include your loved ones, your passions, actions or activities to help this flower bloom.

Drawing the flower and petals on your own is something that further makes this very unique to you and something you will find connecting to more natural.

Why the flower? Especially given the heavy year and re-alignment I am seeking?

Well, I know for myself that trying to focus on everything is usually not successful. I also know that when I try to do too much, I may be successful but I can often find myself scraping on the bottom of my tank and let me tell you… nobody wins when that happens – not me nor my family or community – just nobody.

So, as I have learned and share with my community all the time is to focus on self-care in a practical way so that you have a full cup. When my cup is full, here is what I notice:

  • I have clarity despite having lots on my plate.
  • I stick to a routine and can manage distractions consciously.
  • My health and energy do really well as I keep it a priority.
  • Those around me get more of me, yep, in the end, I am able to give them me – wholeheartedly and not half-ass with resentments or out of guilt.
  • I feel aligned and my flower keeps on blooming.

Great, so how do you actually do that?

I carve out time for myself on a daily basis.

I get others to do things with me to help keep each other accountable. Most of the time we all know what to do, its actually getting yourself to do it.

My health stuff becomes a non-negotiable. No skipping vitamins or water.

I reflect on my flower and think of what to do to help ‘water’ it (this is what is different for everyone). Here is a list of some things I may want to do:

  • Hang out with a certain group of friends this year
  • Start walking outside
  • Write
  • Give more hugs out
  • Cook my meals on Sundays
  • Not be afraid to ask for help
  • Get a second job or changing jobs

I think you get the idea… it’s limitless.

So this year, its about focusing on how I want to feel. Visualizing this in a flower then “watering” the flower with things that I can do to help it bloom. You can bet, when the core of the flower is nurtured and growing, the outer petals will naturally strengthen and bloom in full force.

Thank YOU!

And with that I ask you to focus less on the stuff, the goals, the numbers and close your eyes and think about how you want to feel.

As I made my flower last evening, I remembered this community is not even a year old. There was an intention to build it and here it is.

Being of service and part of this community is a feeling I intend on watering. I feel grateful to have my flower bloom this petal. To each and everyone of you that read, listen, watch and connect with me and the community, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I wish you so much love, light, and health in 2019 and beyond.

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