Last year at this time, I was recovering from excision surgery and was extremely worried and anxious that my endometriosis would return again. I worried that I would start to experience symptoms related to endo within 6 months as I had with my last excision surgery in 2015. I felt hopeless, desperate and stuck. All I wanted was to manage my symptoms and live a somewhat normal life-endo free. That is when I found the Empress Program with Khush Sra and I can honestly say I don't know where I would be without the support of this program. Over the year I have not only been able to manage all my symptoms and live a normal life, but I have also been able to free myself from the constant worry and anxiety I once experienced related to this condition. Symptoms including fatigue, brain fog, chronic pain, heavy menstrual cycles, bloating and digestive issues have tremendously improved over the year. The worry and anxiety I once experienced have subsided. This program has transitioned seamlessly into my lifestyle and will be part of my life for years to come along with the mental freedom I have gained. I cannot recommend this program enough to individuals who want to take control of their endometriosis. 

Vanessa B. March 15, 2022

I recommend others join! You are not on you own! You are heard, you are supported and you are celebrated!

March 15, 2022