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100 Day Wellth Kick Start

Integrating the mind, body & spirit aspects of your health and well-being, this program is designed to help you get started at the pace that’s right for you. We have a comprehensive review, a nutritional plan that is focus to help meet your health goals, an opportunity to discover inner inspiration, a kitchen makeover, customized meal plans with recipes and most importantly a start on living your Wellthy life.

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Project Baby

Improve your health and boost your fertility! This program can help those trying to conceive naturally or through IVF. We get to the root of PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, spotting, and hormone balancing. We will dive deep into lifestyle, stress management and gratitude to support your mental wellbeing through inspiration and motivation.

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12 Week Cancer Support

Food and nutrition are an essential part of a holistic cancer care plan. A nutritional plan focused on meeting nutrient, energy and lifestyle needs can support clients in improving quality of life and reducing recurrence rates. You will learn how food can be supportive and healing and get several recipes that are easy, nutrient dense and travel well with you to appointments. Plans and recipes are designed for during and after cancer treatment. Family and support persons are welcome in every session.

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Individual Services

One on One: Work with me one on one to focus on health, nutrition, well being and life in general. You get my undivided attention to disucss whatever you want and you will walk away with inspiration, awareness, education and of course an action plan. Contact for rates

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Clean Kitchen

Healthy eating starts in your kitchen! Pantry raid & basic information on foods, superfoods, supplements, clean menu planning, stocking the cupboards, grocery shopping hints, kitchen tools and other tips to create a ‘Clean Kitchen’. $250 on site for GTA only or Skype (1.5 hours)

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Clean Home

Non-toxic living, whole foods, local and organic growing practices are fundamental to a holistic way of life. This session builds on the Clean Kitchen concept with a personalized tour with tips towards clean living throughout your own home. Topics may include how to clean naturally, DIY body products, starting your own garden, and non-toxic living. $250 on site for GTA only, or Skype (1.5 hours)

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