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You ever walk in to Starbucks and Chapters and get the Christmas shock?

As I noticed some of the Indigo decor to the side, I took a deep breath. Yeah they start early, but I also now those last two months of each ...
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Mindset Motivation From A 9 Year Old

Guest Post From My Daughter She just opened WordPress and wrote, today I found it and am proud to publish her as my first guest post: Set your mind free ...
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My Endometriosis Journey: 20 years, 5 surgeries and 3 kids later

So tell me, she asked, what do you think about these green smoothies?  My husbands really into kale too, she continued.....  What do you typically eat?  An energy filled me, ...
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What Everyone is Saying

Khush made starting off in the world of self care, growth and nutritional wellness EASY. I felt like I was late to the game starting my first detox at age 38 and thought I knew what 'clean eating' was without really understanding what I was putting into my body. Khush took the pressure off by breaking things down into simple steps, providing her easy to follow guides and recipes and being a constant source of helpful advice. Her program has become my new norm. It's never too late to start.