A whole new perspective on life | Khush Sra

A whole new perspective on life

February 8, 2017

Before I met Khush I always played the blame game, I was looking for an excuse or blaming other people for what I needed to change. She helped me realize only I, myself am capable of creating the life that I want. She asked me a question which put a lot into perspective, ‘What would your perfect day look like?’, and it was so simple. Since then I was able to have so many of my perfect days. She helped me create awareness between nutrition and mood so that I could make the right choices. I loved how flexible she is when I fell off the wagon, and the encouragement she gave to me to get back on. I now look at life in a whole new way, change what you have the capability to change, and try not to stress over what you have no control over.

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